Encouraging Reading In Young Boys

In today’s society reading has become a thing of the past; especially in the younger generation. Their favorite past times are video games, scrolling on social media and being lock up in a room, that is if they are not out running the streets with their friends. So reading is becoming less and less fundamental. So, we often wonder how do we get our young men to read? Having parents who read and read often may also encourage our young men to pick up a book themselves. Children often learn from the people and authority figures around them, so if parents are reading on a consistent basis these growing men maybe more willing to pick up a book for themselves because they are conditioned to believe that, that it is something adults or people in general do and that it could be fun for them as well.

Ensuring that that there is a safe and productive reading environment can also be crucial to help establish a reading lifestyle for young men. A reading environment may differ from person to person however most environments are quiet, comfortable, and relaxing. Encourage, maybe even force if you have not encouraged reading before, for your young boys to turn off the social media, turn off the electronics, and pick up a book for even 15 minutes a day. Starting off simple and short will encourage them to want to do more and spend more time as they begin to learn to enjoy reading. A problem many parents are running into when attempting to encourage young boys to read is finding books that spark an interest.

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What Type Of Books Interest Boys To Read?

One of the key factors to getting young men to read is finding out what most interest them. Some boys are into sports, some cars, and others the guitar. The best way to explore these options is simply talk with the young man determine their interest. Sit your young son, cousin, brother, or whoever to have a conversation about the things that most interest him and allow him to know that there are people who write books or live these lifestyles. Then go with him to the library and help him find those books that align with his interest and read them there or take home to read. If you are really wanting to encourage reading then sit with him and read those books with him or even the two of you can just sit in that reading environment together and spend quality time that way. Here is a link to finding some books for boys that may interest your young reader; Children’s Literature. Another concern some parents have in determining how to make reading enjoyable or fun for these developing boys.

Making Reading Fun For Boys

Reading can be fun for young boys by simply taking turns reading the books the boys have picked out. Something that I have learned to do with my nieces and nephews are learning to read is to have them read a sentence or two then I pick up and read for a bit. You could also act out the books together, one of you read and the other acts it out as if it were a play. Here is a link of suggestions on making reading fun for boys so that you can determine what will be best for your young reader; How to Raise a reader. I really hope this article was of some use or value to you as you work to encourage reading in your young man.

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